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Baby Trend Stroller Accessories. Baby Teeth For Stem Cells

Baby Trend Stroller Accessories

baby trend stroller accessories

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baby trend stroller accessories - Trend Lab

Trend Lab Ultimate Diaper Bag, Gray/Orange

Trend Lab Ultimate Diaper Bag, Gray/Orange

104599 Features: -Diaper bag. -Color: Gray / Orange. -Gray bag with orange lining and trim is spacious enough to tote all of your on the go necessities. -Durable nylon fabric easily wipes clean. -Changing pad and messy bag included. -Zippered closure allows temperature control keeping bottles and snacks hot or cold. -An extra long zippered top opening and light colored lining give fast access and visibility to what you need. -Interior pockets include a mesh pocket and an enclosed zipper pocket. -Adjustable strap makes it easy to carry or hang across stroller handles. -Sliding shoulder pad gives maximum comfort and eases pressure from the bag and its contents.

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Chair of Many Colors

Chair of Many Colors

Announcing at last The Ann Sloane Collection of products for all things on the move - from couture cane covers to hand bags for walkers, custom wraps for wheelchairs to trend-setting totes for scooters, from grocery carts to baby strollers, even over the shoulder!

Introducing one of our signature products - the Wheelchair Wrap.
Wrap yourself in color, wrap your ride in style, wrap someone you love in joy.

That is our rhyme and reason for launching Ann Sloane - we want nothing more than to design products with love that bring great joy.

baby trend stroller accessories

baby trend stroller accessories

Trend Lab Diaper Clutch, Blue

104439 Trend Lab's Black Diaper Clutch is the perfect on the go accessory. Clutch is small enough to fit inside a diaper bag but also a great alternative when on the run! Features: -Diaper clutch. -Blue nylon with buckle closure strap. -Durable nylon fabric easily wipes clean. -Small enough to fit inside a diaper bag. -Opened clutch features two pockets, one with a zippered closure. -Magnetic snap closure keeps inside contents secure. -Adjustable, buckle closure strap allows for quick attachment to a purse, diaper bag, stroller handles. -Diaper clutch can hold 2 diapers and one travel sized container of wipes. -10'' x 7'' When folded and 10'' x 13'' open. -30 Days warranty.

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